Welcome to the World of Exandria.

Legendary heroes, Vox Machina, have shaped the world and eliminated all peril. Successful in their quest they settle into a well deserved respite from the taxing and challenging life of adventure. The world followed suit and there was peace.

However, evil and turmoil never sleeps; it simply waits.

New heroes, though individual and seperate, will have to come together to usher and guide the new generation. Are they, too, fate-touched?

From the mind of legendary Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer, we dive into the realm of Exandria from the popular Geek & Sundry Twitch show, "Critical Role."

This campaign was made out of pure love and passion for the show that has impacted thousands. Setting and timeline is not yet determined as we await the fate of Vox Machina, as well as the new Tal'Dorei Campaign Guide.

Tal'Dorei Twilight

1stEdition Arynn