Triston Hutton

Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.


Tristton Hutton just wanted to make his father proud and be a legendary adventurer. However, his flat feet left him unfit for combat, along with his general lack of athletics.

He joined the Reverent Guard because though he may not be an adventurer, maybe he could just help people. When the new Governor, Cal Augustin, was placed in Vel’Thara, he was conscripted at the behest of his father. Again due to physical limitation, Triston is given the absolute WORST assignments.

Despite it all, Triston possesses a deep and unwavering sense of honor that prevents him from complaining. He honestly believes that all people are naturally good and that his hard work will pay off.

He suspects that something is wrong in the Alienage and that his superiors are to blame. Only thing holding him back is fear of retaliation.

VOICE: High, Weak, and Bashful

Triston Hutton

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