Thandras von Drachenjäger

Brother's Keeper?


Thandras Eriksson von Drachenjäger is the eldest son to the House of Highever Hunters in Raethyr, just north of Vel’Thara buried deep in the Frost-Iron Mountains.

Born to the Paragon of Mount Highever, Archibald, and his wife Diana, Thandras was subjected to endless study and training to provide a look into his viability within the family’s ranks. By his 13th year, it was deigned that Thandras would be sent out to the deserts of Marquette and study with the Priests of Pholtus at the Silver Sun Pinnacle.

Thandras left behind his very best friend that day, his younger brother Alastaer. The two grew up together and were practically inseparable, with the exception of their father’s orders.

Years later, Thandras returned home after being ordained to the Order of the Blinding Light to bear witness and adjudicator for his brother’s exile. Thandras was able to mitigate the sentencing but ultimately failed.

Now, Thandras spends his time searching for his brother in an attempt to reverse the conditions of Alastaer’s exile.

VOICE: Mid, Noble, Educate

Thandras von Drachenjäger

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