Roland Duquesne

Petitioner for Vel'Thara


Small, frail, and graying, Rolan’s age and life is only sustained by his need to be needed. Large bifocals with many different magnifiers allow him to write in fine print.


Assistant to any seated Governor and as old as dirt, Rolan Duquesne is a life-long bureaucrat. If it weren’t for him, he says, Vel’Thara would have fallen further into disrepair without his endless work for which he gets no credit.

Whether its a reminder of the good Governor’s schedule or supplying his morning tea, Rolan is invaluable to Vel’Thara’s current operation.

Though his station does not allow, it’s always been the case that Rolan is the hand that guides the current administration from ruin.

Upon meeting our heroes, he had an immediate disdain for the loud, boisterous, and frivolous personality of dear bard Karl.

VOICE: Old, ancient, and a little crazed.

Roland Duquesne

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