Cal Augustin

Military Man turned Politician


Cal has a large scar down his left eye has left it blind and milky white. Snow white hair and grizzled, Cal exudes authority. For a man in charge of the Alienage he’s well-fed and well-armored.


Cal Augustin is a military man through-and-through. He will survive by any and all means necessary.

A deep sense of honor and self-righteousness runs through his core. Though often confused for arrogance, he firmly believes that he has the foresight to know what is best.

Cal will gladly die for a cause and inspires the same in his followers. Impossibly charismatic, the tough, graying warden looks more like a Highwayman than a soldier. As the newly appointed Governor of Vel’Thara he demands and controls power because he does not trust anyone else to do what must be done.

VOICE: Deep and Direct, “Clancy Brown” (Lex Luthor, Alec Ryder)

Cal Augustin

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