Wild and Unpredictable


Arynn is from one of the few noble Houses of elves in Syngorn. Though magic is prolific to the children of the Fey, most elves prefer the organized and steady study of wizardry.

Arynn had a natual affinity for the arcane, that both exceeded her level of study and remained stagnant. It became quite evident that Arynn could not progress as a mage, but was instead a sorceress.

Shamed, both privately and publicly, Arynn’s family hid her away and forbade her from using magic. As Arynn grew in age, so too did she grow in power. She was reluctant and hated her misfortune of chance birth. One day, she refused to be a victim any longer and cast of the binds and shackles of shame and self-loathing. She decided to dedicate her time and energy to learning and mastering her power.

Leaving Syngorn and journeying deep into the Feywild, Arynn abandoned her family name and House. She is more than certain her family, wishing to suffer no more indignity, disowned her from the family line.

Through deep meditation and contemplation, it became clear that the source of her powers came from the blood of a Dragon.


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