Mystery wrapped in Beauty


Born and raised in the city of Kymal, Arveene lived a quiet and productive life with her parents on the family farm. They collectively provided for the community at large and were well-respected.

At the precocious age of 18, Arveene left the farm to explore and experience the world. She headed out towards Westruun wherein it became abundtly clear that her appearance was uncannily similar to the ruler of Ahn’Karel, J’mond Sa Ord.

Leaving the small farming community and entering the world at large led to various assassination attempts as Highwaymen and contract killers had assumed the Eternal One walked among them. In one such attempt, a stranger wearing the robes of one from the Cobalt Reserve came to Arveene’s aid. His name was Shenzu; the two form an unlikely friendship and he invites Arveene to join the Reserve.

Juggling duties as both student and librarian, Arveene learns the monastic traditions of defense and pours over various tomes and treatises outlining the various forms of martial arts; both deadly and defensive.

One evening, her dear friend Shenzu, passed in the night and something in her core told Arveene it was unnatural. A letter was left on his bed table with her name on it. Arveene is desperate to unravel the strange meaning and find out what happened to Shenzu.


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