Aja Corryn

Everybody's Mom Friend


Aja is a Sun Elf with ruddy-orange skin and soft pink hair that can often be found done up and disheveled.


She who works incredibly hard never any tips and believes he work ethic is its own reward. Can be found slinging ale down at the Gilded Dwarf more often than not, helping out poor Thorne. When the doors close and the shutters bolted, Aja will spend the remaining hours providing for the lost children of Vel’Thara at the Orphanage. She is fiercely independent and infinitely kind, if not a little outspoken.

Raised in Vel’Thara her whole life (134 years) she believes fervently in Pelor and will vow that she has been personally blessed by his Herald in a dream she once had. Though she is free and not endentured, Vel’Thara refuses to move out of the Alienage.

VOICE: Soft Scottish Brogue

Aja Corryn

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